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Our aim is to install your new bathroom to the highest standard and with the minimum possible disruption to your household.

Chew Valley Bathroom Design In our experience it's not the cost of the components that make a good bathroom, it's the quality of design, the standard of installation and the attention to detail that make for a truly beautiful bathroom.

For example we only use top quality, metal, edge trim for our tiles (unless you actually want coloured plastic), we never split a tile to go around a pipe unless there is no other option, this attention to detail makes a massive difference to the final result. Chew Valley Bathroom Design

If you have a preferred tradesman you would like to do some of the work or even if you want to do some of the work yourself we are happy to accommodate this providing that this work can be fitted in to our timescale.
If you wanted to outsource all the work we would still be happy to manage the project for you.

We realise that having a new bathroom fitted can be a bit concerning when you only have one loo in the house. In this situation we will always try to remove the old loo and fit the new, at least temporarily, in the same day. Our vans are equipped with a portaloo which you are welcome to use while your own loo is out of action and if for some reason, we can't get the loo back in we will leave the portaloo with you while it's needed.

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