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No two bathrooms are ever the same and we will work with you to come up with innovative solutions to "impossible" problems.

Chew Valley Bathroom Design

In this bathroom all the customer wanted was a simple shower screen but there was nowhere to put it! At one end of the bath was a window and the other end was 40cm away from the wall.

We solved this by putting a square pole from floor to ceiling at the end of the bath and attaching the screen to that. The space between the pole and the wall was filled in with a glass panel the same height as the screen.

Chew Valley Bathroom Design This room was definitely not the best shower room we have come across. Originally fitted with a small, stand alone shower cubicle in the corner it had fallen into disuse and was just being used as a cupboard for old toys.
The shower head was too low for the man of the house to stand underneath without bending and the shower tray would fill up with water after 5 minutes of use, no wonder they weren't using it! They had been told that it was the best that could be done due to the constraints of the room.

So now they have a proper, decent sized shower... Chew Valley Bathroom Design

...and yes that is a window inside of the shower itself!
Chew Valley Bathroom Design

Well if you had a view like this from your shower would you want to block it off?

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